Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, several interesting matters are on the horizon in EVE for me.

Logistics V is almost trained:  More than many other ships, Logistics ships seem to benefit incredibly from the final trained rank of their ship-specific skill. Add to that my recently awoken desire to one-day fly myself a Nidhoggur and Logistics V for the Triage Module becomes a logical step to take. Big thanks to reader Logan Fyerite for sharing some of his PvP-minded Scimitar fittings. I'm a little worried about the lack of tank, but absolutely awed by the remote-transfer power that can be thrown out while remaining cap-stable and mobile.

0.0 Action: The floodgates were released during hades week and ORDR jumped their assets out of Syndicate and moved into their new home. With diplomatic standings worked out primarily by IT's CEO Avernus (again, for anyone new to The Midnight Sun, IT refers to the IT Ticker holding corp, Imperium Technologies, not -IT- the Alliance) assets were moved down and we entered Querious in .-A-. territory. Now that my work schedule is dialing back to normal I am pumped at the prospect of getting down there and joining in the good work.

Loki Production: EVE: The Spreadsheet has been consulted, updated and recreated, and the wheels of our Loki production line are back in motion! Minuit has trained the basic skills, but I'm finishing my Logistics project before I think about putting the time into flying one of these beauties efficiently.

Loki Flying: Obviously intrinsically tied to the above point, I am scouring the web and making fits in true EFT Warrior style, but am not finding a lot of very impressive load-outs for this versatile ship. While it's great that I can fit the Loki to do poorly what any number of my specialized ships can do well, I want to find somewhere that the Loki excels compared to my current arsenal! Any thoughts, fittings or suggestions on that would be gratefully received.

So, lots of interesting things in the future of EVE for me, and of course, plenty to do.

Fly straight!

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