Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Strengthen the Feeble Knees

So, an oddity that I noticed recently among a few different alliances: PvPers get weak-kneed at the thought of combat in their home space.

I know this seems a little strange, considering that PvPers are the guys who LIKE to wave their ISK around in front of other people and throw hot lead (if they're Minmatar, aka smart) or panzy lazors (sorry, Amarrian scum) at each others faces. Nevertheless, I have observed this trend, when the home-system is at stake and the enemy are camping and roaming, PvPers get really worried and start to talk about running, and the industrialists knuckle down and start to think about punishing people for stopping their mining.

I have wondered some over why this is, and how to combat it within my own alliance, and here is what I have come up with.

Industrialists are already hardened by pressure. Again, PvPers go out looking for fights, but most of us industrialists would rather avoid conflict and just mine in peace. Yet we're the prime targets for 90% of the roamers out there. They come into our space, and we have to run and hide, or stand our ground and fight, and we're used to dying pretty regularly to unfair odds and still undocking again later on in an equally vulnerable ship. I think this gives us an advantage, in sovereign warfare, because we're already used to being on the defensive and dealing with the cloaky camper type of warfare that pervades today's sov-system.

When it comes to combating the problem, however, I have had mixed results in my efforts to overcome this issue. Staying up-beat and positive works with some PvPers, showing the brave front and the lack of worry about the danger and getting out there and mining in hostile situations does help some, but certainly not everyone. Those who refuse to be buoyed up by such measures seem to actually take offense that others aren't as terrified as they.

So how DO we "Strengthen the Feeble Knees" of our PvP friends when the hot-droppers come to town?

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Eyes snap open and lungs gasp for breath. Hands reach, flailing and uncoordinated, and scrabble at the glass of the cryo-tube. Leaning forward from the half-reclined position, naked flesh thuds to the ground as balance is lost and servos move the outer shell of the tube out of the way. An empty stomach heaves to bring up the breakfast that the mind remembers eating, but this body has never taken in food.

Resurrection. Rebirth. Cloning. Call it whatever they might, it was a harrowing experience, but this experience was not like the others. Hands shaking, Minuit brushed hair away from her face, knowing something was wrong from the thick layer of dust that coated everything. What had the janitors been up to? How had this much dust accumulated since her last death? Why didn't she remember the details of dying.

Crawling over to the nearby silent computer bank, and pulling herself into a chair, trembling fingers plugged the jack into one of the surgically installed ports at the base of her neck, and her eyes widened in shock.

Over 5 years?

That's right, space fans. It's been nearly 6 years since I have posted on this blog, and around 5 years since I started playing EVE Online again after taking a break from online games of all sorts.

Since returning to EVE, I've done kind of a lot of different things... More than will fit in this post in more than a summary, but hey, that gives me things to talk about, right?

Here's the summary: Returned to EVE with KattraStarr, and started wandering around High-sec doing some trading and trying to find a place to fit in. In an effort to retrieve some ships from what used to be my old corp/alliances territory in JEIV, I discovered ProviBloc and NRDS. Shocked and excited, I talked Katt into applying to some corps down there, particularly in Yulai Federation, who at the time I thought were actually the only NRDS crew in EVE. (See how long I've been gone, and how ill informed I am?)

We were accepted into Syndax Corporation and moved into providence. We hooked up with some industrialists in the corp and enjoyed their company. Syndax decided to split away from Yulai Federation, form Axiom Vocation Alliance, and move out into Catch, and those industrialists we had enjoyed the company of reformed GeneSia-IRC . We transferred to GeneSia and followed out into Catch.

We discovered multi-boxing and several ways of supporting a host of accounts without paying any real life cash, and broke into T1 production, including Capital production, finally doing what Katt had always wanted to do.

We've been through wars beside our allies VOLT and StainWagon, both on offensive and defensive, and have learned a whole load. I've risen to a leadership role within GeneSia, and continue to enjoy learning at the feet of probably the best CEO I've encountered.

Our home is a tough place to live. Tougher perhaps than the wormhole ever was, but the sun still shines at midnight out here, and I'd hate to let all that sunlight go to waste!