Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting things back under control...

It's amazing how much stuff can pile up in a Wormhole when the most active participants in site-running take a vacation.

I'm not really complaining, mind you, I quite enjoyed the 6 Radar sites, and 4 Mag sites, that awaited our greedy little Analyzing and Codebreaking ship. But getting caught up, amidst growing 'real life' complications has proven to be a bit of a challenge. I'm currently staring at the hardly dented list of sites to run, and it's a little bit daunting, to tell the truth.

But, with plenty of fuel in the POS and bills to pay, we'll just have to suffer through the horrible burden of making a few billion running wormhole sites.

Doesn't your heart just bleed for us?


Fly Straight, from site.. to site... to site....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blog Following - Part 2

Well, you may have noticed a bit of an absence of posting this April, but, honest, I have an excuse!!

I was out of the country. My Mum was getting married and that calls for a cross-planet journey, that takes a heck of a lot more time in meatspace than in eve-space.. Blasted real-life pods.. But never fear EVE fans, I'm back and posting, and not just to say 'durr, I were gone, n stuff, I'll stop being a slacker someday soon n stuff, ok?' because I know you all HATE that.

So it's time to give a shout to all the followers that have cropped up last month. Since My Blog Following - Part 1, I've noticed a somewhat dramatic increase in followers, but you'd have to ask this group if they were hoping for the recognition or could actually, genuinely, stomach my writing.

Kename Fin
Available over at Our Eve, Kename provides yet another look at Wormhole's from the inside. With a static High-sec, I can only imagine the horrors that come when some fool touches his static exit from the inside after entering through another hole. Have I mentioned that High-Sec exits are among my least favorite? (Second only to occupied C5 exits...)

Available over at, funnily enough, 'rantuket', I'm currently enjoying his series of posts on ECM, an area of EVE warfare that I haven't given a lot of attention to, but have always wanted to try. Mostly because it's evil, broken, wrong, and has been shoved in my face more times than I care to remember.

In other words, I follow the adage, 'if you can't beat em... steal their tricks and beat them.' *grin*

The writer of EVETASTIC!, Letarious provides an enjoyable viewpoint as a newcomer to EVE who has thrown himself into the middle of the mess, from mining to pvping to blogging, he's definitely jumping right into the mix. Good stuff, Letarious, keep the posts coming!

Welkyr doesn't provide us with a profile pic, and taught me in so doing that non-profiled followers attach to the blog from the bottom right instead of the top-left, meaning it was awful good that I'm tracking this stuff as it happens. Thanks for reading, Welkyr! If you're a blogger, drop me a line somehow to let me know where you put your thoughts onto the web and I'll shoot you a special shout-out!

Daniel Kennelly
Another profile-free wonder. Definitely drop me a line as mentioned for Welkyr.

Nashh Kadavr
I will admit to having been a bit excited to see Nashh from Nashh Kadavr's EVE Blog was now one of my followers. I've enjoyed reading his celebrity death-match reports since he got added to the Blog Pack, and I'm looking forward to reading more of his shenanigans!

KelvinW regretfully doesn't have any profile set up. Speak up, Kelvin, and like Welk and Dan, thanks for reading!

I'll admit, by this point I was starting to wonder if these new followers were really EVE players at all, or just happy readers, but Banear, from his profile pic, clearly plays. However, Banear appears to be a common word in some language or another... My online translator-fu is pretty weak, but I think it means 'To Ban'. Anyhow, suffice to say, I couldn't find a blog attached to you, Banear, so give me a call like the profile-free wonder-crew, would ya?

Thanks to Banear and Welkyr for speaking up and putting voice to their names. Welkyr it appears is just a loyal fan (just, he says) while Banear is a new blogger himself. Be sure to check him out over at The Cataclysmic Variable, I know I will be!

And that, as they say, is that! Up to 17 followers as of writing this post.

Keep an eye on this space folks, I'll have something a bit meatier for ya'll soon.

Fly Straight!