Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Blog Following

So, today I received my 9th follower, and it got me to thinking that most Bloggers in the community don't really acknowledge their following as well as they should. Shame on us. I'm determined to turn that around, and so I want to start by publicly thanking, and doing a bit of a 'hey, look at these guys' to those people who are willing to read my drivel, and (perhaps more importantly) are willing to admit it!

My wife and gaming partner, Katt has been with me from the start. Making a profile and blog of her own, over at Katt's Midnight Starr, she hasn't done a lot of blogging, but has read and commented (to me) on all my work. I'm a lucky lucky man to be able to share a hobby like EVE with my wife, and I'm sure 90% of you that are reading this will agree with me.

And the other 10% of you? Just shush.

"The BlogFather", my 2nd follower. I was very excited to see his name appear, not least because of his notoriety (Capsuleer introduced me to blogging, so I had been reading the fruits of his organization before I knew he was organizing it at all!). You likely know who he is, but just in case you've stumbled into my Blog after removing a several tonne rock, complete with several years of moss, from your head, he runs the Blog Pack from out of CrazyKinux's Musings.

No, The Midnight Sun, isn't in the Blog Pack, but maybe one day!

Romeo Blakstorm
Follower number 3, Romeo authors Life Among the Pirates. He doesn't put out a lot of blog posts, but they're worth a read.

Logan Fyerite
Follower number 4, and also the most prolific member of the Frequent Commenters Club (The FCC, I like it...) here at The Midnight Sun. From Scimitar fittings to commiserations on my screwups, Logan has been nothing but great. He writes at EVE Opportunist and often has insightful commentary.

Winner of the 'Why We Love Eve' competition, and writer of Wench With a Wrench, Lea was follower number 5. I will admit I haven't been as loyal a reader as I should be for one of my followers, but after earning fame on CrazyKinux's site, she hardly needs MY readership.

Ok, so this is actually my wife again. She set up another account for her RSS Reader, and followed me again. *blush* What can I say, she loves me!

Despite being a filthy Amarr, some of the most enjoyable fiction in blogging has come to my various readers from A Ghost Blog, so I was naturally very excited to see Cartoonboy's grinning moniker on my blog. I will continue to be an avid fan of Mr NOXx, until of course we meet in-game.

Die Slaver Scum!! ;)

Quivering Palm
The Planet Risk Show blog has been a source of entertainment for me, and I'm sure for many of you too. I haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast, but I nod my head in deferential awe to anyone willing to go to that length for their contribution to the community. Frankly, I don't think I could keep up the energy nearly as well. Kudos to you, and thanks for being Follower Number 8. (7 if you don't count Katt as being worth 2 people... I suppose it's possible I'm biased as to how awesome she is... Naww...)

The most recent addition to The Midnight Sun followers, Arrhidaeus writes at Cogito Ergo Yarr and inspired this post by giving me that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see your follower number bigger in the morning than it was when you went to bed. I checked out his blog, which wasn't one that had come across my reader before, and was very pleased. Bushkazi sounds like an awesome load of fun, and I might have to conn some corpies into playing a game of it out in 0.0.

That's it, the complete role-call. It's not as fancy a list as is attached to say CrazyKinux Musings, but it's MY list. As more folk (IF more folk) add themselves as followers here, I'll be sure to do regular thank-you's, because how can we call ourselves a blogging 'community' without the manners to acknowledge those people that give us such a high compliment.

Fly Straight, and may my follower's ammo be laced with Dev-Hacks that own non-followers... Hmmm, a 'Making the Game' post in the making?


  1. The thing about the 'followers' thing in blogger is it doesn't count all the people who have simply subscribed to your feed without using the "Follow" button. and so it doesn't count all the people (few as they may be) who don't have a google account.

    You ahould think about using feedburner ( if you want an accurate picture of how many people are erading your blog ;)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll admit, I'm aiming more to thank the people who are willing to put their name out there publicly than to thank the general readership.

    Though the fact that there IS a 'general readership' besides those people is kinda a new and awesome thought.

    I'll check out feedburner and see if it provides any alternate means that I like the look of!

  3. Such a good idea! It is true we have such a fantastic blogger community here :)


    Thanks for the nod ;)

  4. Great list. Nice of you to mention that reasons why you read each of these great blogs!

  5. Quick question: I we're you able to know the exact timeline as to the order in which these bloggers followed you? Curious to know!

  6. Sadly the only timeline I can get is the order in which they chose to follow me, which is actually shown bottom to top, right to left, in the followers icons on the right-side of my page. The exact date is anyone's guess!

  7. Thanks for the mention Minuit! I promise to continue to be a key member of the FCC, it's easier than writing on my own blog sometimes!

    Great idea to thank your followers btw, I think I will do the same when I get a chance! Nice and easy with just a few followers too :)

  8. I tried to test out your Scimitar fitting (adjusted for my preferences, you understand) out in 0.0 today.. But, cursed luck, no-one in fleet was taking any damage!!!

    You'd think Sovereignty warfare would be bloodier. *cheeky grin*

  9. The "following" thing has always been weird to me. I read a lot of EVE blogs, comment on many of them, and almost never "follow" a blog. I think it's just something Google invented. The rest of us don't actually know what it means. ;)

    I'm still a fan though!

  10. I certainly don't mean to shut anyone out or make them feel unwelcome or underappreciated!!

    Absolutely anyone who takes the time to read my drivel is an A+ citizen in MY book!

    That said, I don't want to discourage people by touting others, but the followers list is just a good way for me to keep track, and thanking those people individually is something manageable, while thanking invisible readers is somewhat beyond my abilities.

    Until CCP comes out with a way to scan down cloakers anyhow.. ;) Don't think that the whiners won't get their way EVENTUALLY.