Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loki Ahoy!

So, as my skills slowly develop, I find myself finding a handful of roles where the Loki can shine. Not necessarily 'the be all end all' of ships, but a ship that I can customize to a specific niche and perform better than other ships I could fly for that same niche. Really, that's what the Strategic Cruiser is designed for, right?!

So, today my first set of three Loki hulls were dropped in the oven back at the Caeleste Ad Media Nox. I thought that was pretty awesome, and did a bit of a happy dance... BUT... There was more good news on its way!

The night before I had stocked up the Experimental Lab with as many jobs as Katt's skills would allow, and left it to cook overnight. I delivered the jobs, and was getting discouraged as job after job returned no successful result. Finally however, one of the seven jobs we input had a successful return! It wasn't a new offensive array, nor a new propulsion, both of which I'd been kinda hopeful for. It was another 3 run Loki Blueprint!!

So, as I chortle wildly to myself and break out EFT to decide on fittings for my first three Loki (I'm still open to suggestions, folks...) I now have that pleasant realization that with the exception of about 60mil of items, I have everything on hand that I'll need to make ANOTHER 3 Loki.

With a stable of 6 Strategic Cruiser's up my sleeve, I figure I should be able to fly and learn the craft without too much fear of loss, at least until I'm half-way through the stable or so!

Fly Straight, pilots!

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