The True Bounty Project

In March of 2011, P2AS, the Corporation of whom I am a founding member and whom my RL wife is the CEO of, was forcibly evicted from Wormhole space while we were away from the game for a weekend. Fortunately, we only had in space "What we could afford to lose", but I still have to admit a little bit of a gamers grudge against the dastardly fellows who took us out.

Were I the vengeful type, I might look to the Bounty system as a means of redress. Afterall, I have the name of their corp, a whole bunch of the members who were present, and I know the way back to their shiny new POS, and could give it out at regular intervals to people who might be interested in collecting.

Herein lies the problem, the Bounty system, as it is currently in place, is seriously flawed. I can bounty only pods. I cannot stop payment from going to the known associates, or indeed alts, of my intended victim. I can't get advertisement out to interested mercenary parties as part of the bounty service.

These are some problems that The True Bounty Project attempts to address.

Here's the jist of it. When you feel the driving urge to put up a bounty because of some real or perceived wrong (Victims of Hulkaggedon, apply here!) instead of putting your money into their wallet by applying an in-game bounty. Contact me, Minuit Soleil. You will place your bounty with me, a percentage of which will be my fee, the remainder of which will remain in corporate funds that only I have access to until verification of the completion of the Bounty contract which we will outline.

Here are a few of the advantages of the system:

  • I don't restrict your bounty to pods: You may select as your conditions of victory any of the following, "Targets Pod", "Target in any ship", "Target in Ship whose value including destroyed mods is greater than...", "Target in specific ship type", "POS belonging to Targets Corporation", "POS in specific location", or indeed, almost any other victory condition of your choice.
  • I advertise: Unlike the Bounty system, which is searchable by individual name or viewable by rank while you are docked at a station, my index is viewable in in-game browser, and also will be regularly transmitted to interested bounty hunters and mercenary corporations alike.
  • Fraud Avoidance Investigation: CONCORD doesn't care who they pay if the job gets done. If the Sansha blew up the Guristas, they'd totally pay them bounties, likewise they will pay your Bounty money to the targets alt, corpmate or known associate. Upon receipt of a verified kill (API verified on a reputable killboard) I will investigate known associates, corp associations, length of character life and employment history to do my best to ensure that more often than not, bounty contracts are fulfilled by legitimate bounty hunters and involve the actual pain and suffering of the intended victim.
  • Locator Agent Services: All contracts will be advertised with a free of charge use of a locator agent to ensure general whereabouts. For an additional fee, this location information will be regularly updated for a period of time of your choosing. This fee will be placed in escrow, and will be charged in monthly increments until the completion of the contract at which point any remaining ISK will be refunded along with the confirmation EVE-Mail and associated links.
  • Discretion: One of the few good things about the bounty system, from what I can tell, is the anonymity of the service. Jerks give lots of people reason to want them to explode, and as all contracts will be negotiated directly with me, and I have no stake in the greater EVE world beyond my own word, that information stays with me and only me.

- Fees run 10% of the proposed bounty, with a minimum fee of 5 Mil. ISK.
- Locator Agent Services are an additional 2 Million ISK per month of intended service, remainder refunded as stated above.

Some Sample Contracts:
"The Target Calling Contract"
You were victimized by a pirate out in low-sec. This fellow makes his money flying around in risky situations and as such he's often in places where the cops don't show up if you try to take him out. You're not looking so much for people to go out of their way to find him, but for them to go out of their way to primary his ship out of the fleet of his mates and ensure that he suffers some loss.
Contract Price: 50 Million ISK
Victory Condition: Destruction in non-incidental (Rookie, Shuttle, Etc) ship. API Verified.
Location Services: Minimum (1 Free)
Fee: 5 Million ISK

"The Can-flippers Demise"
Maybe you took the bait of a can-flipper and lost your ship for it, maybe you didn't know the aggression mechanics, maybe you're just sick of getting your darned ore/loot/what-have-you stolen. For whatever reason, you've decided that you'd like this can-flipper to have to look over his shoulder and weigh his chances whenever he goes to flip a can. Is this really a mission runners loot? Or has that guy got a Point and Web?
Contract Price: 100 Million ISK
Victory Condition: 20 Million ISK Total Damage (T2 or BC+, generally). API Verified.
Location Services: 2 Months Additional (4 Million ISK, 2Million refundable if contract fulfilled within 30 days)
Fee: 10 Million ISK + Additional Location Services Fee

"The Life Ruiner"
Maybe he's the CEO of the Corp that blew up your Wormhole POS... Maybe you just hate the guy for the smacktalk that he left in the wake of your destruction. Regardless, you want to turn the heads of professional bounty hunters cluster-wide and keep his favorite ships in their hanger.
Contract Price: 1 Billion ISK
Victory Condition: 200 Million ISK Total Damage (T2, T3, Etc). API Verified.
Location Services: 12 Months Additional (24 Million ISK, Refundable in 2 Mil increments depending on time remaining at completion of service)
Fee: 100 Million ISK + Additional Location Services Fee

The above contracts are of course only examples. Services are provided on a custom, case by case basis through negotiation discussions.

To begin negotiation for a contract today, please contact Minuit Soleil via in-game EVE-Mail, Convo, the "True Bounty" in-game channel, or contact me directly via minuit dot eve at gmail dot com.

Please include at least the following information:
Character name (Exact):
Target Character Name (Exact):
Amount of Bounty intended:
Locator Agent Service Extension Time (if any):