Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Honour, Humour and Piracy.

Not exactly the Holy Trinity, but it was pleasant the other day after getting jumped while closing an unscheduled Low-Sec hole, (details to follow) to find a set of Pirates with both Yarring skill (see details for a bit of an addenda to that..) a sense of humour, and enough honour to follow through on a ransom.

We lost 2 ships and 1 pod to their gank, which included a Phobos. Fortunately for us, it took them too long to kill Leilani and her pod before moving onto Katt that by the time her Typhoon exploded, the Phobos pilot had run out of capacitor and lost his bubble, so Katt slipped away safely. Fortunately for me, I'd managed to get my cloak on before they jumped through the bubble, and despite some close calls, they didn't manage to close within 2k (<2.6k? Sure, but never less than 2k.. phew).

Tip of Experience: Cap stability is not an optional item on a HIC.

Insurance covered Leilani's loss, but Katt being in the wrong ship cost us a few million, nothing hurtful though.

Normally, this would quite upset us, as would the threat from the pirate gang to further harrange and bother us in Our Slice of Heaven, they were asking for 50M, which isn't a tremendously unpleasant amount of money to pay, which just shows at least they weren't silly. Afterall, we could just hide out in our POS and unless they felt like sieging us while we called the reinforcements, they would have a very boring afternoon.

So, to pay or not to pay? I was working (called away when they warped INTO the wormhole, of all the darned times to get someone at my door), and so Katt held the negotiations. Some of the highlights included the threat of seeing one of the pirates in a Leather Tutu, which surely evoked horror in his compatriots, who fair begged Katt to give them the money and save them from such a fate.

They made Katt laugh, and that was worth 50M to us, so we paid them to go about their business, fully expecting them to stick around and cause trouble.

Well, holy moly! They said their thank-yous and meandered out, assuring us several times of their lack of ill intent. Katt closed the wormhole up boldly, and was unmolested in the process.

So, Pirates, if you're going to ask for a ransom, keep in mind that while you've just had your entertainment and blown someone's ship up, if you're trying to get paid, it helps to get the OTHER party, the gankee if you will, in a good mood! If they'd just threatened us, we'd have kept our money and onlined a few extra defenses at the POS, they'd have spent a very boring day in a wormhole hoping we'd come out, when we'd in actuality cleared the absolute last site in there just hours before their arrival on the scene.

Their sense of humor netted them 50M, and I hope they have similar luck elsewhere.

Well, I also hope the next group they jump on a wormhole is sitting there in a gank-squad and teaches them to leave W-Space holders alone.... But I never said I was consistent.


  1. The Phobos had enough CAP, but autorepeat was not set to on...that was the problem with the

    M. Gorad, Pilot of the Phobos

  2. While I was not a part of this operation, it is always nice to see when our customers appreciate the services we offer.
    Good profits, and fly (not too) save.

  3. Thank you for the kind words.

    We strive to be interesting Pirates, rather than uncouth denizens of the gutters of society.

    And we will always honor our agreements.

    Best of luck with intruders into your Wormhole who don't happen to be us!

  4. Hey guys!

    It's always fun when people I write about find the blog. Welcome.

    To M. Gorad: Autorepeat good. Thanks for clearing that up! Can I ask, why would/did you have autorepeat ever turned OFF for your disruption field generator?

    To Kiae: Thanks for the well wishes. You guys definitely made Katt feel better with your humour, so thanks for that. Wish I hadn't been called away to work right as you showed up. Wouldn't have changed the outcome a whit, but I'd have liked to join in that conversation!

  5. Yep, i can. Sometime you also have to warp out fast because of the preys you only need the bubble for one run, so the tacklers have enough time to point them and you will be rdy to warp out if things go wrong, but normaly i switch it back to autorepeat if we know we have more than one target. This time i forgot

  6. Thanks for coming back and explaining, M. Gorad, I appreciate it! I can see the logic to that. I'd be hesitant to do it that way, because I tend to forget things like that. I usually 'double-click' something that I only want one cycle out of, kind of a poor-man's no-auto-repeat.

    Different strokes, I guess! :)