Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speaking in Local... Part 2.

Last month I told you all of my quandary regarding warning people in the local channel of our presence and ownership of Our Slice of Heaven.

Not long ago, I had occaision to test the theory once more. Upon logging in for the early morning victuals (don't ask...) I was displeased to find a small gallente POS on the D-Scanner. For those of you that play WoW, (I know, I'm a sub-par EVE personage), you may remember a certain iconic phrase uttered by mechanical robots in Gnomeregan.

That's pretty much what I was screaming inside my head, "WARNING, WARNING, INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!!!".

After I calmed down a little and started scouting this new threat out, prepared to pester as many folk online and into combat ships as possible to drive these intruders out, I found the tower. Looking up the corporation from the ticker, I quickly looked up membership numbers.


Ok, that's not so bad. Katt spotted a wreck, named after the pilot (tsk tsk) and I looked that guy up. He wasn't from the corporation of 1, but had a name eerily similar. Hmmm.

Convo? No convo? Convo? No Convo?

Here's the score-card for warnings in Local:

Warnings Gratefully Received: 3
Gankings: 1

Because 90% of you didn't go read my link *Sad panda* you will have to keep reading to know what that means.

But, I'm not gonna make you wait long.


Ok, fine. He was really nice, and explained he was very new to Wormhole space and 'did I set up my POS too close to yours?'. I explained that typically speaking, in the same wormhole is considered too close, and normally explosions followed shortly after such a lapse in etiquette. He politely asked if he could move his stuff out of our space and I agreed.

I and others watched him move out, and though none of us ever uncloaked, I kept relaying helpful tips on how he could improve his operations in WH space, in part to let him know he was being watched, and in part to be nice. Let me tell you, having only just recently trained up Bomb deployment, it was tempting to break cloak when, 30 km in front of me, and still 10km from the wormhole, his Hulk comes out of warp and starts slow-boating towards safety.

Fortunately, I'm a nice guy. Phew for him, eh?!

Fly Straight, but not into other people's territory!


  1. haha I know the feeling! I would be tempted to throw the bomb, but in many cases it's better to let small fish back into the sea, no?

  2. Yeah, and I'd hate to go back on my word. I mean, I didn't exactly 'promise' him safe exit. But I did sorta imply it.

    Got a post coming up about people keeping their word, actually... Keep an eye out ;)

  3. Hulkageddon 3 just came up. Hope he didn't get it out of WH space to have it popped.

  4. I haven't seen or heard anything about Hulkageddon 3, when are they setting that up for?

    On that note, I think it's too soon for another Hulkageddon. Do it too often and it'll become 'old hat' and be considered the norm.

    Just my 2 ISK though.