Saturday, March 27, 2010

ORDR Takes Sovereignty

So, as anyone who reads the news knows, ORDR (Sodalitas-XX), the Alliance to which IT (Imperium Technologies) belongs now has it's name on the map.

In fact, we have our name on the map in... *googles 'Seven tuplets'* septuplicate!

That's right space-fans, ORDR has annexed a constellation just inside Providence, as part of AAA's continued offensive in the wake of CVA's refusal to accept terms, ORDR has stepped up and after some diplomatic discussion accepted AAA's assistance to take their own constellation.

Now, the cry of 'Pets, pets' has already hit the news-stands and there's a lot of derision and scorn being thrown ORDR's way. Which is giving everyone a lot of smiles and chuckles. While Sodalitas is new, do a check on the employment history of some of our top pilots and leadership sometime. You'll note that little glitch in there where CCP acknowledges they weren't keeping employment records back when these folk rolled their characters. Some of the Corps are in the same situation, having been created prior to employment record keeping.

While I don't have nearly the kind of play-time that I would like, roaming out there and joining in the action, I can comfortably say that what comes next is well expected by ORDR leadership, and anyone who decides that having intelligent leadership with an understanding of how diplomacy works is a weakness, is in for a bit of a shock.

Fly Straight,


  1. At the end of the day, everyone's a pet. The smart pets, however, are the ones who know who's holding their leash.

  2. I think you just won the 'Deepest Comment on The Midnight Sun' award. I'm afraid I didn't have a prize worked out, though...

    ;) Fly Straight!