Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big changes..

Our cosy little world got turned upside down.

IT (Yes, darnit, I'm going to KEEP calling the original, 6-year holder of the [IT] ticker by it's acustomed name, and anyone who reads this can get used to me referring to BoB as BoB. *Grin*) has joined an Alliance.

Sodalitas XX is a small Alliance based in a stub constellation in NPC controlled 0.0. Syndicate space, if you want to get technical about it. Their primary corporation, 20th Legion, is ran by an old compatriot of some of the more venerable IT members. We're acknowledged as being at a low-point in IT's numbers and we're jumping in with both feet to bring that enthusiasm and drive back to our incoming new membership.

Avernus, founder of IT, has this to say on the subject.

That said, it catalysed a decision that had been some time in the making for my motley crew. Katt and Leilani have sheared off from Imperium Technologies and the upcoming drive towards PvP, so that Katt can explore CEO life at the head of Per Ardua ad Sol (Through Struggles, to the Sun) our family operation to hold Wormhole space and profit from so doing. We've recruited a business partner in Racquel Zuunii and several others and we'll be keeping the fires burning. Minuit Soleil will be helping whenever possible and I'm sure if someone decides Per Ardua is 'friendless and alone' in Wormhole space, they'll get a surprise.

So, setting up a POS is a PAIN IN THE REAR! and fiddling with corporation standings isn't much better. However the new POS is online and in position and our modules are coming online as I type. We had a few close calls, as the wormhole gods decided to make yesterday and today very wormhole-heavy in our little piece of W-Space.

Minuit will be sticking around 'semi-permanently' in the wormhole for the near future while business is settled and Katt is set up to run without Min's assistance. Then, we're off to secure our constellation of 0.0, build friendships, gain experience, and blow some crap up.

Fly straight! They'll never expect it.

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