Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making the Game: Mobile Small/Medium/Large _________

Currently, when you see the above, you'd think I'm writing a quiz and asking for the words Warp Disruptor, but I'm actually proposing something completely different.

One of the things I like about EVE is how small things make big changes. This is often the case in the market, but just as often appears on the battlefield. How often has a new ship warping into a relatively decent sized fight made all the difference between 'we got this' and 'uh oh'? I'm willing to be often is the answer most of you come up with.

What I'd like to see are environmental effects that do the same sort of thing. Because I couldn't come up with a way to add in environmental effects just out of the black, aside from my 0.0 Spacial Anomaly Generator, (if anyone can, please, speak up!) I have instead come up with the following suggestion.

Mobile Target Painter
Mobile Sensor Dampener
Mobile Tracking Disruptor

Why is it that Warp Disruption is the only effect we can deploy in a bubble-like fashion on the battlefield of New Eden? Doesn't it stand to reason that wily technologists would work on creating differing effects that could otherwise reshape the face of a battle?

Perhaps this could require Anchoring 4, the currently unused rank of the Anchoring skill, because really, we all LOVE training something for an extra few days without any benefit.... Yeah, sure we do... ;)

Fly Straight, but not into a bubble!

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