Thursday, January 7, 2010

Timers are insidious

Katt just input her very first Reverse Engineering jobs into our sparkling, shiny, brand-spanking new Experimental Laboratory. Glancing at her screen, constantly, I can see that I have to wait another 40 minutes and 39... 38... 37... You get the picture.

Suffice to say, we're excited about the possibilities of this first batch of our hard-won goods. Could it provide the vaunted Immobility Driver subsystem? Perhaps it could. The possibilities, while not endless, are all incredibly tantalizing and at this point I'm finding it very hard to fly away to mine or otherwise make use of my day, because I want to see what happens in 38 minutes 8... 7.... 6...

In other news, the Corp Op continues to grow momentum, our allies have been informed of the time and place and there appears to be at least SOME interest. I'm searching around the Internet for a printable list of ship-types, alphabetised by name of ship. Identifying what we find rapidly is going to be important, so that I can call to engage or retreat, and I'm worried that my knowledge isn't going to be up to snuff.

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