Friday, January 8, 2010

Ecliptic Rift's Flash Fiction Friday

In response to Ecliptic Rift's Flash Fiction Friday,


"Mining sure is boring." Minuit complained, not for the first time.

"Take up crochet." Was Katt's somewhat stock reply.

"Shouldn't have bought the barge book, Min." Came Leilani's snarky reply from back at the POS, where she was able to relax with a cold quafe and occasionally direct the deployed core probe to run it's cycle.

"Yeah yeah.. I just want you to track down some more of those sleeper drones, instead of drinking up our stores. If this goes on..."

"Got something!" Leilani exclaimed, suddenly all seriousness as, within moments, Katt's exhumer and Minuit's mining barge started ramping up to speed, drones shrieking back into their bay, ore streaming out into space in their wake with the haste of their recall.


"Unknown, down to 4AU scans. Reconfiguring for 2AU. Wormhole. Second sig on 32AU scan, get the battleships." Leilani reported and commanded, even as the mining crews sought to ready their ship for insertion into the ship's hangar array and KattraStarr and Minuit ejected their pods for transfer to their twin Typhoons.

Sporting no less than seven units of unwieldy steel reinforcement, the behemoths were a beast to align for their eventual crawl into warp, but their exaggerated mass ripped through the stability of wormholes far more effectively than a standard combat fit. "Jumping into unknown space, destroying wormholes to mark our territory, if this goes on much longer I'll never get that sweater done.." Katt complained, to Minuit's laughter.

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