Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wormhole Mass Allowances

So we've been having some issues with the mass allowance on our static exit lately.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Wormholes have a specific mass-allowance that can travel through them (total, direction doesn't matter) before they collapse. Supposedly, at 45% remaining mass and 5% remaining mass they go into different stages and return a different result on show info to let you know how close to collapse they are.

I say supposedly because while that seemed to work for us for weeks, these last few days it's gone odd.

My previous calculations, which are based upon the individual mass of the ships we use to critically destabilize our entrances (or pop them if they're non-static) have been wrong several times this last few days.

Since I'm using the same ships, with the same math every time, I have come to conclude that there must be some level of variance in our static exits mass allowance. Obviously, this makes OUR lives a little more interesting and irritating, as we overshoot the mark and collapse holes, forcing us to start over from scratch, or undershoot and have to run the risk of collapsing the hole on our way out of W-Space.

I have noted, however, that our non-static wormholes have yet to show any significant signs of variance. The set number of jumps we use to collapse them, unless they have been tampered with by another, seems to ALWAYS work. Maybe this is just luck?

If anyone happens to read this and has encountered the same issues, speak up!


  1. I have one thing to say about this... It has made me relearn how to scan things down. Made me have to REMEMBER to count how many times through I've jumped everyone through. Made me pay more attention. Ok, apparently, in typical woman fashion I could not stay quiet and just say ONE thing ;) Just one MORE thing to say, I HATE popping WHs....

  2. *Comfort* Wormholes are evil, just think of it as our civic service to the universe.