Tuesday, January 5, 2010


G'Day to anyone who somehow stumbles upon this.

I play Minuit Soleil in EVE, and I'm an avid EVE-Blog Reader. I decided perhaps it was time I gave it a whirl myself, as a bit of an outlet for my occasional creative thoughts, and as somewhere to throw down my thoughts on the game in general and keep track of where I'm going in the massive game that CCP has dropped in our laps.

To summarise what I said in the IC post, my character, Minuit Soleil is Minmatar. She flies almost solely Minmatar ships. I've thought about branching out, but can't seem to do it, even though I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my poor Minnie ships. So much room for potential, so many SP that I just don't have...

My wife plays KattraStarr, also Minmatar, also Minnie-only ships. Mostly because she's just not terribly worried about it, and will fly almost whatever I tell her will do well at whatever we're doing. She's also our science and industry chick. She likes Mining (no, seriously...) and wants to produce stuff, but wants it to be WORTH something, which is the real rub.

Between us, we share a Gallente noob, Leilani Belle. Her skills are slowly rounding her out into an enjoyable addition to our combat base, and hey, with a decent computer and dual screens, a pair of accounts really can make EVE a better place to game.

Still summarising, we live in wormhole space in our C3. The wormhole keeps us engaged in EVE. Time was, it was difficult to drum up the urge to drop into game. Nowadays, we have timers set for when our wormhole is going to disappear, so we can be certain to be the first in place to limit access to 'our' system. We try to keep the sites relatively well farmed, though we're discovering (an ongoing experiment) that leaving some 'seeder sleepers' in the system can really help with spawn rates.

We're a part of Imperium Technologies, ticker of [IT], (of no relation to the recent alliance going by a similar moniker, and yes, we're irritated by that...).

I read a lot of Blogs on my iPhone, through Capsuleer and unfortunately can't make comments that way, so that was part of my thought process behind making this account, perhaps now I can actually comment and participate in some discussion of the blogs that make my morning stroll on the elliptical so enjoyable.

To get things started, here's a few of my favored Blogs:
A Mule In Eve
A Merry Life and a Short One
The Captain's Log
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
Rifter Drifter

There's lots more, but I don't wanna just link half the bloomin' blog-pack!

Anyhow, I've got some site-changes to make. I'm no artist or web designer, so don't expect it to be terribly flashy, but there's things I want people to be able to click on!

Fly straight, they'll never expect it!


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