Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mechanics Musings...

Wormhole musings, specifically.

Due to an unfortunate experience involving a few days away from running Sleeper Sites, I observed a somewhat incredible increase in the spawn rate of our wormhole's combat sites. Similarly, a dearth of EVE time led to a bit of a plethora of Ladar and Grav sites, that seemed to 'grow' more.

So my musing is regarding 'Sleeper Seeders', leaving several of any one type of spawn completely untouched (scanned down, but never visited, which seems to begin the despawn cycle) in order to provide the wormhole with more current spawns.

It's something we're exploring at the moment, but if it's true, it may actually be more profitable to leave some sites completely alone in favor of more profitable sites that spawn on the same cycle. For instance... Average Perimeter Deposit is a lame spawn, Unusual Core Deposit, not so much. So if I scan an average perimeter, and it's my only Grav, maybe it would be more profitable to ignore it, let it sit there and increase my chances of a Frontier, or even Core, site.

In theory, this could be applied to all types of sites. They seem to be linked, so you'd need to leave one or two of each category in your system in order to 'seed' it, and then keep 'visitors' from messing with your starter crop. A tall order in WH space, to say the least!

That said, we're exploring the possibilities, and I'll try to comment on this post if/when we have some results.

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