Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Multi-Corp POSing...


During a minor hiccup this afternoon, I was disconnected from EVE. I hurried back online, inputting my Starbase password immediately to avoid being demolished by the POS's guns. Little known fact (cos no-one normally needs to know) you can't input a defence field password while warping. Nor can you enter one while within a forcefield. So when I dropped out of warp inside the field, and then immediately got ejected at a rate FAR beyond what my poor Retriever "Labrador" could handle, I hustled to get back into warp and off to safety.

Got away, set my password, growling all the while, and warped back to the POS. My OTHER ship, left on hand for hauling, was also ejected, 150km from the bubble. *Sigh*

So I ejected from my ship, and crawled out there. Just a few kilometers before reaching my goal, I was disconnected again.

You betcha, when I came back online, my retriever was ALSO 150km from the bubble.

Suffice to say, all was eventually recovered, but MAN running a character at a POS not belonging to your corporation is annoying.

Fly straight, for 145km in a 187mps pod.... Twice.


  1. No thanks! Probably can't warp to them at 150 km either can you.. SUCKS!

  2. Sadly, my navigation systems cannot lock onto a stationary ship in such a fashion. :( I really did just have to hoof it.