Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making the Game: Spacial Anomaly Generator

I've decided to get on the bandwagon of many other bloggers and occasionally put out a post on what I think would be a great addition or change to EVE.

Today, I'm talking about the Spacial Anomaly Generator. No, EVE-fans, this device doesn't exist, yet. But here's my thoughts...

Many wormhole's have spacial anomalies present that drastically alter the way ships within are fit and go about their fighting. What if, as a new upgrade module for 0.0 space, alliances could generate Spacial Anomalies of that nature for their space?

Obviously, how any given anomaly would be determined would be something CCP would need to look into, but, assuming the anomaly would be either permanent or relatively long-living, it would alter the face of almost all warfare in the system.

Residents, well aware of the properties of their anomaly, would have their 'local defense' and even ratting ships fit to take into account the bonus, offering them home-field advantage against intruders. Said intruders would infiltrate the system in small ships prior to the main event to scout out possible anomalies, and would attempt to take that into account when forming their fleet.

Battles would be different.

I'll stress that one, big fleet battles would HAVE to take the anomaly into account or risk destruction, and the fleet that did not would be at a significant disadvantage. This would give even more options, more changes, more interest, to these large battles, which could easily be won or lost in the planning stages.

I think the Spacial Anomaly Generator should be introduced to the game, what about you?

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