Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are some people thinking...

I like PvP. But...

I'll admit there's a part of me that is a bit carebear, and wants PvP to be on my terms. It's silly, and I recognize it as such. I do my best to suppress this silly side of myself by telling myself how brutal and dark New Eden is. I play with a phenomenal level of paranoia, and acknowledge that 90% of that paranoia is COMPLETELY necessary.

So, I always get a little surprised by people who do things that I wouldn't dream of doing.

For instance, this morning, as I'm running a ship back and forth to collapse last night's wormhole, a Drake rocks up. Naturally, as I'm in a non-defensible hauler for this particular task, I slide back into my W-Space, get some distance and cloak.

He doesn't follow. I decide to just wait the extra time out and let it die a natural death. The wormhole flashes... A merlin? Huhn... Cos, obviously, a hauler going INTO W-Space doesn't suggest colonization...

He warps off into space.

The wormhole runs out of time. (Did I mention it was on the verge of collapse, both in time and stability?)

He spouts some Russian. I don't understand, and don't reply.

My d-scanner detects his frozen corpse.

So I'm thinking, 'there's my dose of wierd for the day.' But I was mistaken, later on, as I'm running 3 battleships (Leilani, myself and Katt) through the fresh wormhole, another Drake shows up.


I continue working the wormhole, cloaking in between jumps on the W-Space side, to make certain I choose the time of engagement with our Drakey friend.

Then his pod comes through....


Fortunately for him, we were just looking to destabilize the hole, and he makes it back out, attempting to come back with friends in a pair of Battleships and pair of Battlecruisers, but by then the wormhole is critically destabilized and unable to support more than 1 of them, and they decide to find something else to do.

A word to the wise, if you see a wormhole that's near the end of its life, turn on your paranoia and assume it's about to expire, DO NOT ENTER without a probe launcher. If you see a hole critically destabilized, and/or see the big ole ships destabilizing it, DO NOT ENTER without the understanding that there could be a fleet of us on the other side, and you have no guarantee that your friends will make it through before your only escape collapses behind you.

Fly straight, they'll never expect it.

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