Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homehole Advantage

We had several uninvited visitors in 'Our Slice of Heaven' today, and it was nice to be able to settle back into our 'Homehole Advantage'. For instance, our ships, pvp and otherwise, are set up for the anomaly within our wormhole.

Our enemies aren't.

We have already scanned down every signature and can warp, cloaked or otherwise, to wherever our enemies are without deploying scan probes and warning our prey.

Our enemies can't.

We know where our various sites are in relation to each other and know when things will appear on D-Scan and when they won't.

Our enemies don't.
Our POS provides not only a safe haven when not enough corp-mates are online to handle an incoming threat (rare) but also gives us a quick pit-stop in the event a battle doesn't go our way. If our enemies don't catch our pods, they can be sure we'll be back with another ship before they can say 'but-my-armor-repairer-isn't-done-yet-you-tool'.

Homehole Advantage is a wonderful thing to have.

Fly Straight, but not into MY home.

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