Thursday, January 7, 2010

Internet Spaceships are Serious Business...

Two thoughts on the above subject.

1) Katt successfully produced her first T3 subsystem blueprint! Congratulations! Woohoo! Etc! However... We, having not given EVE her due, did not research the next step of this process sufficiently to realize how far away from production we still are. Each T3 subsystem appears to require as materials 5 different T3 Components, all of which require 5 different items (a mix of salvage and gas reactions) to produce. In other words, we used 4 items to create 1 blueprint, and will now need 5 sets of 5 items to create the end result. Throw in the gas reactions (another 3 items) and you're looking at a whole lot of calculations to determine the overall value of the parts that go into each produced subsystem.

Give those boys at CCP credit, they make a complex game.

2) The current blog-world drama over at The Captain's Log shows just how seriously major alliances take their Internet spaceships. His war-dec, apparently ill advised, could have just been 'kinda funny' if it wasn't for how serious EVE is to it's player base. His actions, on an alternate character, reflected back on his alliance and they're cutting ties to protect themselves.

Give the EVE players credit, they play a harsh game IN a harsh game.

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