Friday, January 8, 2010


A quote about being prepared, 'It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.' by Howard Ruff.

Ejected into my 'work capsule' today, by which I mean the 9x9 box that I work from every week on Thursday and Friday, I have decided (at the wife's brilliant suggestion, no less) to work on being as prepared as I can be for my first FCing gig this upcoming Monday.

Interestingly enough, 01/11/10 will also mark my 2 year anniversary as a member of Imperium Technologies. I'm proud to fly with the [IT] ticker, and wish I could still say I'm from IT without BoB's fame causing people to throw ??'s in my chat.

That said, figuring one weakness I could address while stuck in my Pod and unable to access a REAL computer was ship-recognition, I attacked Google with some glee. What should turn up but this post by a fellow blogger over at k162 Space. He offered the delightful links to a random ship-quiz and a set of helpful flash-cards that I am going to pour some time into today.

Looking for some FCing guides, I found a few nuggets of assistance in the guides section of 00sage00's blog, Yarrbear Tales. Also, the FCing Guide (For pirates) over at EVE Newb was very helpful, though I'll not be applying that information in low-sec as IT does not begin aggressions in Empire space, low-sec or otherwise.

Preparations continue...

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